Locals: Brent's 52 Chevrolet

One of the best things about exploring the Central GA automotive scene has been discovering individuals that have blended staggering levels of creativity and talent, and focused those gifts onto building unique projects.  Brent Horn is somewhat of an old soul, working to restore various vintage American modes of transportation with a period-correct aesthetic that feels authentic rather than kitschy or forced.

Brent purchased this 1952 Chevrolet Styleline as a project for his fiancé. The car wears it's authentic 62 year patina well, aided by some refreshed chrome and trim pieces.  The added period-correct swamp cooler is an awesome touch, and has been decorated with custom pin-striping.


Brent's next plan for the car is to begin restoring the interior. The car's cabin received some rather hurried modifications by the previous owner, but will thankfully receive some due attention. 

Keep an eye out for progress on this car, and any of Brent's other various projects. Also, if you are in need of any pinstriping (you are!), make sure and find him on Facebook.