Brad's Porsche 911 for S3 Magazine

S3 Magazine is a publication out of Atlanta that has been covering the import/tuner scene for some time. I approached them about a feature of Brad Boardwell's Porsche 911 for their 33rd issue, and they not only included it, but made it the cover feature! To find out all about the car, I'd encourage you to pick it up from their store, but I wanted to include a few full-res pictures on the site as well. Many of these were included in the magazine, but a few are exclusive to the blog. 

You'll notice that the car wears two sets of wheels. S3 needed a few more pics once it was deemed to be the cover car, but Brad had changed wheels in that time. We did another shoot in the same location, at the exact same time, and just mixed and match the shoots for the magazine. So check out both looks, and let me know what style works better in the comments.