Top Picks for Slammed Enuff

SlammedEnuff is an automotive lifestyle blog based in the Southeast that focuses on the stance aesthetic. They hosted a meet in Atlanta at the North Atlanta Trade Center, a fluorescent-lit warehouse tucked away in one of the many commercial districts at the top of metro Atlanta. Like many of these events, these meetings are a who's who of the Southeast show scene, so its a good place to see everyone's updates for 2016 before the summer season really gets going. 

Larry Young's Q45 was one of the first cars I saw when I came in, and I was thankful for that. I've followed this particular build for several years, starting with a shoot I did of it at one of the early Southrnfresh meets. I'm always nervous to use superlatives, but Larry was one of the first people doing authentic VIP builds in Atlanta that I can remember, and his attention to detail and somewhat strict adherence to the traditions of that style keep this car relevant and interesting.

I've seen this 240Z in tons of pictures on Facebook and Instagram, but this was my first time getting to check it out in person. As far as I know, its a pretty straightforward build, but it's a shining example of quality parts, attention to detail, and restraint. This car would turn heads thirty years ago, and will still be a fan favorite in another thirty. 

Middle Georgia native Evan Mount is back in 2016 with this Lexus IS250 that claimed the "Best Fitment" award for the show. While certainly aggressive, the restrained camber actually gives its a nice blocky stance that sets it apart from other more tilted contemporaries. 

While van modding hasn't quite reached the popularity in America that it sees in Japan, it would seem that these VIP-inspired approaches to Oddyseys and Siennas are beginning to pop up at shows a little more frequently. This third-generation Honda van wore the rare OEM aero-package, Junction Produce interior pieces, and enough JDM treats inside to impress even the most cynical of mom-mobile haters.

Rat-rod Beetles are always a lot of fun and this one really nailed the derelict surf-style aesthetic. So many of these styling cues are staples of the air-cooled community, and this owner managed to pull them together and make it feel light-hearted, honest, and local with the Georgia license plate fender. 

This fifth generation Civic hatch was a personal favorite of mine because it reminds me so much of the JDM builds of the early 2000s. I enjoy taking the time to walk around cars like this, taking in the details, and appreciating the effort that the owner took to research and acquire the parts. While the internet has made that process infinitely easier, especially for ubiquitous Honda models like this, taking the time to to think out a build and not take the easiest route is commendable. 

As Honda's Japan lineup draws further and further away from the American options, many enthusiasts are turning their attention to the Thai and Indonesian markets for inspiration and parts. Brian Ruff, coming off of his incredible eighth generation Accord coupe build, has now turned his attention to this ninth generation sedan. The Honda wears a completely custom body-kit designed in Thailand, as well as custom programmable LED lighting. I'm not sure how many people realized how complicated the process to put this car together was,  but I was blown away hearing him talk about it. I'm hoping to get with Brian for a full shoot the next time I'm in Jacksonville.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of any of these stance meets is the sheer diversity of attendees. If you can approach the show with an open mind, there will be something for everyone. Catch the full gallery of my Slammed Enuff coverage later this week on The Driving Line