Bragg Jam 2015

I started last year's Bragg Jam post with the declaration that this weekend was always the best event in Macon, and I'm not going to deviate from that assertion this year. I planned a pretty safe schedule for 2015, mostly following my favorite local bands. I've become a lazy music enthusiast, largely stuck in a rut of listening to the same stuff, and going to the same shows, but I'm fine with that, and I figured it would make a fun night with friends. 

We started our evening with the immensely talented Mel Washington. If I'm remembering correctly, Mel's acoustic alley was the first thing that I ever did with The Blue Indian. William Haun was still here, and he graciously allowed me to tag along and do some photography. I was blown away then, and didn't leave disappointed last night. Listen to "Whiskey Bent" for a taste of his talent. 

Rewind Retry was up next at the 567. I have been impressed with their rate of progress over the past year, and am looking forward to their coming EP. These are the guys to watch for 2015. 

Our next stop was over at Cassidy's Garage for some of my favorite dudes, Good Night Alive. Corner Concerts did a great making this unique space a venue, and GNA owned it. This was easily the most spirited I've seen them. 

I had originally planned to go see T. Hardy at Grants after the GNA show, but a few of our folks were excited to see Lera Lynn at the Cox instead, so I just followed them. Wow. I was blown away. She and her band put on an extremely good show that ended up being the highlight of the night for me. 

My night slowed down a good bit after the Lera Lynn show. We headed over to Family and Friends and Dalmatian, but the packed houses convinced us to cross the street to Doughboy for a pizza and water break. We came back to the 567 to check out a few songs from Apache Relay. I had listened to them a bit on Spotify, and certainly enjoyed them, but my early morning began to take its toll, so I called it about halfway through. I'll certainly find a way to catch them the next time they ride through town. 

All in all, great year. This was the least I've ever "worked" at Bragg Jam, and honestly, I like it better than way. Here's to next year.